1st Floor

Family Mart Convenience Store


Lunch boxes, refreshments, tobacco and a wide selection of everyday items can be purchased here.

Business Hours 6:00-21:45

2nd Floor

Akita Airport Souvenir Plaza Gift Shop


The souvenir plaza is packed with all of Akita's charms: the nature, culture, and specialties of Akita. Have fun strolling around and making new discoveries in this shopping zone.

Business Hours 6:55-20:20



Confectionaries and products distinct to Akita are available here.

Business Hours 6:55-20:20

Suginoya Restaurant


This Japanese restaurant uses local Akita ingredients and serves a specialty known as Wappa Rice.

Business Hours 10:30-20:00 (L.O:19:30)

Akita Sabō Restaurant


A café restaurant with an Asian atmosphere, you can taste dishes made with local ingredients from Akita.

Business Hours 10:00-20:00 (L.O:19:30)

Restaurant Sora


Made with beautiful Akita Cedar, this restaurant will give you peace of mind in this calming space. Here you can enjoy a meal alongside viewing departing and landing airplanes. In addition to a western food menu, we offer "a taste of Akita" with our Hinai chicken and Momobuta pork, Akita specialties.

Business Hours 10:00-20:15(L.O:19:45)

Komorebi Café


Feel free to relax until your departure time in our green space layout with translucent panels to make you feel at ease.

Business Hours 6:45-17:00



A wide selection of Akita specialties are available in our shopping area. Please feel free to look around and even sample the famous Inaniwa Udon noodles.

Duty Free Shops


This duty-free shop is only available to international passengers. It is open for business 1.5 hours before international flight departures. Tobacco, cosmetics and an assortment of other items are available.